Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wraith gallery - sexiest wraiths 2006

Who is the sexiest Wraith 2006?


Steve: Former Wraith commander. Only one survivor from Sheppard's trap. Often interrogated without any reasonable effect. Died after antiwraith vaccine test.
Actor: James Lafazanos

Ellia: Wraith kid raised with love on one primitive planet. Hidden in cave grown up. She hates being a Wraith. Ellia takes Dr. Beckett's anti Wraith serum without his knowledge.
Sheppard has been contamined by retrovirus after her attack.
Actress: Jewel Staite

Bob: Unknown to the Atlantis team, he actually used the Dart's culling beam to transport into the city from destroyed Dart. Named by Sheppard. Died on Atlantis.
Actor: James Lafazanos

Michael: His story is a little complicated:) Trurned from a Wraith into human. He managed McKey and Ronon excape from Wraith hive ship. Turned back into the Wraith. Last time attacked by Sheppard controlled hive ship on transformed Wraith planet. His death is not confirmed yet.
Actor: Connor Trinneer

All mentioned Wraiths are great guys and girl:) But who is the sexiest? I vote for Steve:)


Blogger Trinity said...

Today results from forum:

4 25%
1 06%
0 0%
9 56%
2 13%

8:29 AM  

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