Sunday, December 03, 2006

SGA 3x12 - Echoes

When McKay finds his “whale” circling the floating city, strange events begin to occur. Teyla begins to see people that aren’t there. Then Weir begins to see the same people too. Soon everyone begins to see visions of Ancients who appear to be in distress. Can the arrival of McKay’s whale be connected to these visions? Can the visions the team are seeing forebode an impending event? Also, can the team make sense of the weird voices they are hearing during their visions, in order to understand the unknown danger in front of them? McKay’s answer leads to a daring plan by Sheppard that might just possibly save all the biological life on the planet.

Special event:
Guest Stars: David Nykl (Dr. Radek Zelenka), Mitch Pileggi (Colonel Steven Caldwell)

Rating: 4/5

TV release date: November 27, 2006


Anonymous scott ryan said...

the pics r so scary

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Movie Reviews Collection said...

I like this blog and the pics posted here.

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